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About Shelly Beach Markets




 Shelly Beach Markets was established in 2013 as a monthly marketplace to bring together emerging artists, indie designers, vintage collectors and foodie enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a place to gain exposure and opportunities that will develop their brand presence with retailers and media. As an alternative to a retail setting, the relaxed, but energized, environment offers a way for sellers to get feedback directly from shoppers and network with fellow creative folks. Located in the heart of the Central Coast, full of creative, enterprising individuals, there was no place that gave talented individuals the opportunity to set up and sell for a day in a friendly, fun and welcoming space exposed to the local community.


The market was quickly embraced by the Central Coast community. 


Shoppers can soak up the exceptional atmosphere and regenerate their sights &  senses at one of our monthly markets.


SBM is dedicated to bring together over 150+ talented boutique stallholders who regularly demonstrate enormous pride in their work by producing original creations of the highest quality. It's a proven feast for the mind, body and soul, a fascinating eclectic mix of textures, materials and colours that make up the vast range of individually designed products. There is little doubt that on the last Saturday of the month //  between 9am and 2pm // held at Tuggerah Lakes Secondary Colledge // The Entrance Campus is the place to be!

Sharing the same passion for creating unique products for a demanding market, the girls quickly became popular stalls of among the local community. Today, that shared passion has grown beyond their own stalls, and forth to a greater vision - Shelly Beach Markets (SBM) was born!


Angela and Sarah aim to offer a sustainable market place of diversity, creativity and originality,  work that only the really passionate, like themselves, will enjoy selling, and more so, enjoy buying.


SBM aims to build a reputation in the thriving art and design community on the Central Coast, mixing small established designers with emerging designers to help them gain exposure and opportunities that will develop their brand presense with retailers and media.


The market will also allow designers to interact directly with customers and gain important feedback into their work, and also the customers needs.

SBM will not only benefit designers, and their customers, but also the local community. SBM aims to provide the following benefits:

  • increased visitation to the campus which has the potential to increase visibility and interest amongst the broader community as a preferred school for future enrolments;

  • development of a strong image amongst the local community as supporters in the growth of local business and individuals;

  • raising money for charities such as Surf Life Saving Central Coast and Central Coast Kids in Need Inc;

  • providing fundamental opportunities for Central Coast students, allowing them to showcase their own work;

  • opening the doors for local musicians who aren’t signed to a label; and

  • creating a fun, safe, and controlled environment in which locals and visitors can congregate and share their passion for creativity.